15 Jan 1943  –  Born in Scheveningen, the Netherlands
1953              –  Moved with family to Indonesia
1957              –  Moved with family to Australia
1961-1965    –  Studied and lectured at University of Sydney
1962-1963   –  Two Man Show with John Firth-Smith
1964-1965   –  Executed six Granite Reliefs for the Treasury Building, Canberra
1967-1987   –  Biannual One Man Shows in Sydney and Melbourne, Powell Street Gallery,  Gallery A, Queen Street Gallery
1969-1994   –  Moved to Bali, Indonesia to live
1975-1978   –  Travelled and painted in Europe and USA
1979              –  One Man Auction of Works and Media Event in Sydney
1980              –  Painted all the animals (and lived in Jakarta Zoo) for the Indonesian Wildlife Association
1982              –  Lived and painted in Venice, Italy
1983              –  Executed a 40 metre oil painting for the Iioura Plaza, Melbourne
1984              –  Executed a 90′ x 12′ mural over the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel, Singapore
1987              –  Show at Caz Gallery, Los Angeles
1989              –  Show at the Chicago Art Fair
1990-1991   –  Travelled extensively through Australian desert
1992-1993   –  Hyatt and Regency Hotels commissioned paintings for the foyers
1994              –  Show at Corbally Stourton Contemporary Art in London
1996              –  Show at Michael Nagy Gallery Sydney, Australia
1999              –  Art Performance Antwerpen Cathedral, Belgium on the life of Mozart by appointment to H.M. The Queen of Belgium

Collections – 

Queen Fabiola of Belgium, Sultan of Brunei, James Wolfenson (former President of the Worldbank), Robert Sangster, Clint Eastwood, Baroness Philips Rothschild, Adam Malik (former President of the U.N. General Assembly, Richard Woolcott (former Australian Ambassador of the United Nations), Andrew Peacock (former Australian Ambassador to the USA), Richard Branson (Virgin – seven paintings collection), Robert Hughes (contemporary legendary art critic), Robert Sangster (international thoroughbred horse breeder and trainer), John Illsley (Dire Straits).

Gallery of NSW Collection

La Trobe University Collection





4 Responses to “Biography”
  1. vanwieringenpainter says:

    Sekala Niskala

  2. vanwieringenpainter says:

    I will update this while I’m still juicing the anticipation

    • Steve says:

      Hi Ian, I have purchased a beautiful paintings of yours for my daughter.
      She is 11 years old and a natural artist. She absolutely is fascinated by your paintings.
      Can I kindly ask for your direct email?
      Kind regards,
      Steve Hatz

  3. pauljuss says:

    Hi Jan. We are inheriting one of your beautiful paintings, which hung for many years in the home of my Father, Frank (Frans) Reefman. He lived in Huntley’s Point, Sydney. My older brother Peter believes you may have known my father, I wonder if you recall? It would add to the sentimental value of the piece, to understand how he acquired the painting and if you knew each other. Regards Paul.

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